Sunday, 19 May 2013


Ok so I haven't properly shared my new jacket by UNIF which I should have done ages ago because it is actually unreal. I love it soso much and I have had so many comments from people about it - it was even used at work by the stylist for Jessie J's album shoot! Yes it was quite pricey, but of course I searched far and wide for the cheapest possible place to get it from! UNIF sell amazing jackets and you can find this brand on places like The jacket is somewhat a rubber/plastic transparent material and it is extremely easy to get dirty so I literally clean it after every wear with a warm sponge (it isn't machine washable). It makes absolutely any outfit look cool and fashionable which is why it is an essential in my life. 

UNIF Vapor Jacket: $165 (excluding p+p and worth every penny) - 
Please comment if you would like the link.


  1. This is going on my wish list, it is the epitome of perfection
    (sorry for commenting on all your posts - I really love your blog and style!)


  2. I absolutely adore this UNIF jacket, it's such an eye-catching yet simple jacket


  3. I would like to have the link- if you can still buy it? That jacket is just adorable :)

    Love from Canada,



      If you get it now it's reduced! xx


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