Sunday, 21 April 2013


Ok guys. Firstly thank you to anyone who stumbles across this blog and takes the time to look and read - I really appreciate it. I am still getting used to this whole blogging business and it might take me a while! I am usually really good with technology but for some reason it is taking me a bit of time to get used to this method! 

This is something I am really passionate about so I am going to try my hardest to pursue blogging as a full time hobby. I am currently in the middle of lots of uni assignments and haven't got much free time to properly get stuck in. As soon as I have finished my course for the year I am sorting this blog out! 


So this is my latest look on I am a huge monochrome freak. My whole wardrobe is black and white with odd splashes of colour. Monochrome being a current fashion, this is ok...for now! Over the Summer I hope to be blogging more colourful outfits! However this is my new dress which I just bought in the Topshop sale - love a bargain! 

Dress: TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE, Cross Pendant: EBAY, Tote Bag: EBAY, Black Wedges: EBAY

(I am an eBay ADDICT if you hadn't noticed already)

If you on are lookbook please fan my profile!


So at the moment I am completely obsessed with varsity/sporty looks and mixing them with feminine aspects. I've been after a buttoned up baseball jersey for a while, however I was waiting for the right one to come along. My boyfriend would only let me get a Red Sox one as apparently they're a good team?! I don't know. Anyway I love this one I found on eBay! And I love girling it up a bit and styling it with heels and red lippy. Enjoy.

Friday, 19 April 2013


This is another simple look of mine - outfit for uni today! 

Typography Blouse: OWN THE RUNWAY.COM, Leather Panel Leggings: EBAY, Platform Boots: EBAY, Necklace: H&M

Now being back at uni it's hard to continue taking good photographs of my outfits. I figured crappy photographs are better than nothing so I'm going to continue doing outfit posts from my box uni room! Sorry about the awful quality - I will be get better photographs taken whenever I can.

This is a really casual look that I love:

Floral Kimono: TOPSHOP, Vest Top: TOPSHOP, Leather Trousers: TOPSHOP, Studded Shoes: OFFICE, Cross Pendant: EBAY

Sunday, 14 April 2013


As part of a uni project, I had to create 5 fashion accessories using TRIBE as starting point. I began looking at gang members and became fascinated in particular symbols and their extensive tattoos. I made a range of fashion accessories around this inspiration and had to style a shoot to create a final look book. Here are a few of the final images and also a 'behind the scenes' image - using my car as a dressing room!

Photography by Kate Potkins
Styling & Accessories by Natalie Edwards
Model Sophia Moles




Today the sun is shining so I thought i'd get out in the garden and take these for you! So much work to do so it was nice to have a break - enjoy.

Beanie: EBAY, Faux Fur Gilet: DOROTHY PERKINS, Sunglasses: PRIMARK, Black Crop Top: BOOHOO, Blue Smart Joggers: PRIMARK, Black Stiletto Sandals: PRIMARK

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Haven't posted in a while so here is a new look! I have been super busy with uni work this year but aim to blog more throughout the Summer!

Sunglasses: PRIMARK, Cropped Jersey: THE RAGGED PRIEST, Disco Pants: AMERICAN APPAREL, Buckle Boots: EBAY, Jacket: MINUSEY, Tote Bag: EBAY