Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Asos PR internship.

Hey guys. I thought I would briefly share on my blog that I'm currently in the middle of a full time internship at Asos with the PR department. It's long days and I'm very busy, however you can catch up with my daily blog posts about my placement and see what I'm getting up to here www.london-fashion-intern.blogspot.co.uk

Thank you!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


I do love my Instagram, and my blog is due an updated summery of my favourite snaps from over the past couple of months. Here are some of my favourite pics from the end of 2013. 

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Friday, 3 January 2014


What's a New Year without a mega wish-list to kick it off? Christmas has left me well and truly broke, but whats the harm in a few fancy treats to oneself (other than a broken bank account of course)? Here is my desired wish-list for January 2014!

1. One of the most wanted items on January's wish-list is the Canon 5D Mark ii. My current DSLR is way past it's time, after having it for a good 5 years, it's time for an upgrade and this camera caught my attention after reading it's ratings. Hopefully I will be uploading some mega high quality images this year! 

2. Black ripped skinny jeans are a classic look at the moment. They look great with anything and you really cant go wrong with a pair of good comfy skinnies. These are from Topshop

3. River Island Clean Silver Knuckle Ring - I love silver jewellery at the moment and this ring can make any outfit look just that extra bit striking. You can buy this one from Asos for just £5!

4. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum has been on my wish-list for months, and now that they have brought out this advanced formula I have to have it. I have tried the samples and I must say I noticed a difference in the radiance of my skin after one night of use. Still trying to find the £50 to spend on this however...

5. Olivia Burton Gold Watch - I really do need a watch as my River Island MK dupe is just not working for me anymore. This is a really gorgeous watch and I would very much like to have it please! You can get it from Asos for £95.

6. I do love a good foundation. I tend to go for the dewy finish on my skin, and this Nars Sheer Glow foundation does exactly that. It's just a shame it's so pricey (around the £30 mark). 

7. With the cold weather, I'm stocking up on nice jumpers to shove on with skinny jeans. This Weekday grey sweater caught my attention - £55

8. Finally, another big part of my wish list is these Stella McCartney Ecoleather Combat Boots. No I can't afford these at £675 but I really NEED to find a good replica. I have seen on Choies a very similar pair, however I have heard very bad reviews and they don't look good in the flesh. If anyone knows of where I can get a good pair, feel free to comment and I will love you forever!

What's on your January 2014 wish-list?

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Thursday, 2 January 2014


My skin situation has been somewhat a roller coaster over the passed 6 months or so, with regular trips to the doctors to find out what exactly has been causing my out of control acne. After a number of tests, I have been diagnosed with a condition that means my hormone levels are all over the shop. Unfortunately for me, one of these symptoms is typically, acne. 

There are so many articles online about how the 'only way' to clear skin is through a healthy lifestyle involving diet and regular exercise. I began exercising every day and purely clean eating for 4 months solid. However, even with a strict skincare routine involving high end products, there was still no luck. When I returned to uni (considering my depressing student budget, my lack of nutritious meals and the absence of any form of exercise), I was terrified that my skin was going to continue getting worse. This is where I am excited to share with my readers some absolutely amazing products that I have discovered that have made my skin crystal clear, without prescription creams, drugs or a change in lifestyle. It's all down to the products, and considering I'm a stressed out, hormonal imbalanced wreck with a rather unhealthy lifestyle, I'm pretty amazed at what these products have done for me!

Morning routine:

1. When I'm in the shower, I remove all of the previous nights products with warm water, or if I have any going, a very simple facial soap with no harsh chemicals. This ensures the skin isn't dried out or stripped too much of any oils.

2. Next I tone my face with a SPRAY toner. This is important because again, too much toner can strip the skin. This is the gentler method and Boots Botanics is perfect for me. It's full of organic goodness and only £4.99

3. Before applying any makeup, I like to use a very simple moisturiser. I usually just use whatever is knocking around, either Ren, e45 or Simple. Something along those lines.

Evening routine:

1. To remove the majority of my makeup I like to use Boots Botanics cleansing wipes. These are great because they are very gentle on the skin and the actual wipe itself its extremely soft with a natural feel. Also full of organic goodness, these are £3.49. They are great compared to other cleansing wipes because they don't contain any harsh chemicals that dry out the skin. I would never use these alone as they do not remove all of the makeup, you would need to use a good 3 to do so, however they are brilliant at removing the first lot.

2. Boots Simply Sensitive eye makeup remover also does what it says on the tin! Just a lovely, simple oil-based solution that removes even waterproof mascara. Just a few sweeps using cotton wool and the job is done! £2.79

3. Now, getting to the exciting products that have made the biggest difference to my skin...I have started using the raved about cleanser that is Emma Hardie's amazing face cleansing balm. It honestly is divine. At £34 for 100ml it seems a lot to spend, but with its gorgeous smell and the actual feel of the oils as they melt onto your face is amazing. The reason why this is so good compared to other cleansers is because it is so gentle on the skin, it is full of essential oils that condition the skin, and it removes every trace of makeup. I massage this into my face and remove using warm water and a muslin cloth.

4. After hearing Caroline Hirons rave about the p50 exfoliating toner, I knew I needed something along these lines. But at £50 a pop, there was no way I could afford this being a student, so I ended up trying out Pixi's dupe - Glow Tonic. This is a really lovely toner that gently exfoliates the top layer of skin and removes any remaining grime. It leaves your skin tight and glowing and I have noticed a major decrease in the amount of pimples on my face. A really lovely product with natural extracts for £16.

5. The last step before going to bed is to moisturise my face. I am really big on using oils to do this as I believe they are much beneficial for the skin. I like to mix Balance Me's radiance face oil (£30) with the Body Shop's tea tree night lotion (£9) to get the best of both products. Together they kill bacteria, moisturise, and feed the skin of many beneficial nutrients. I smother this all over my face and wake up in the morning with lovely soft and glowing skin. Another two great products that have had a huge impact.

I hope this has helped anyone in search of some guidance to a clear complexion! Comment if you enjoyed and feel free to ask any questions. I really do feel passionately about these products! 

Thank you for reading
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