Thursday, 30 May 2013


Today, as part of my internship for Hunger magazine, I attended the Royal College of Art MA Graduate fashion show so that I could do a write up for the website. I've gotta admit, the standard for graduates was set extremely high. There were some amazing, really intricate and creative looks that left me wowed. My favourite collection was by Camilla Woodman as her aesthetic complements my eye for fashion. She has created some awesome textural pieces including fur, metallics and more, keeping the garments classy and chic. Julia Thomas also exhibited her asymmetric footwear which was really interesting, and Heewon Park and Xiao Li were some of my other favourite graduates, showcasing beautiful knits and refreshing pastel colour palettes. These are some pictures I took - apologies for bad quality, they were done on my phone! Enjoy x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013



I just wanted to share some of my work from my first year of uni as I feel blogging is an important way to get your aesthetic out there. I am currently studying a fashion promotion course in London and throughout the first year we have tried and tested a range of different topics. Obviously the first years of uni aren't overly intense, so I have spent the year specialising in styling and undertaking testing shoots. Without having the power to pull in big labels from PR companies, having to make do with my own wardrobe and friends' clothes to style models and create a successful story has been tough, but I've tried the best I can. Next year I will be pushing the boat out and building a contact base with the industry so I am able to get hold of some amazing pieces to style and shoot with. 

This is one of the fashion stories I styled and shot a long with my friend Charlotte. The inspiration came from merging 80's fashion with the idea of kaleidoscopes, optical illusions and symmetry. We aimed the shoot at Fiasco magazine. Enjoy.

Model: Yasmin Knipe

Sunday, 26 May 2013



The sun is shining on this lovely bank holiday weekend and I've decided to get outside and take some pictures of todays summery outfit! I feel so much better for taking some actual decent photos for once. This pleather skirt has been locked up in my wardrobe for ages,and all of a sudden I seem to be wearing it all the time! It's great because it can complement pretty much any look you are after, whether its grunge, sexy, girly and cute, the skirt will help make your outfit fab! It's definitely a keeper. Again this is a monochrome look, but what can I say? I'm obsessed with black and white! At least I have added a hint of colour with the blue mirrored sunglasses. As for the dress, I have tucked it into the skirt to wear as a top. I'm not overly keen on wearing it full length as the shape isn't very flattening. Tucking it into the skirt makes it that much more appealing and means I can get a few more wears out of it. 

Sunglasses: H&M, Cut-out Shoulder Dress: RIVER ISLAND, Pleather Skirt: H&M, Necklace: EBAY, Flatforms: H&M

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Check out for daily fashionable outfits and inspiration. My look will be posted tomorrow!



I have always had an obsession with sunglasses. I seem to have an endless supply of every style you could ever imagine and I wear them whenever I get the chance. I love them because you can wear the most plain, simple outfit, yet wack on a pair of super cool sunnies and all of a sudden you're an awesome fashionista. They have the power to effortlessly jazz up any outfit and they are so versatile. With summer coming up, it's time to extend my collection and find as many opportunities as I can to wear my fave pairs. I even think I need to purchase some kind of stand to keep them all together an organised! That is definitely on my wish list. Here are some of my favourite pairs at the moment:

1. QUAY - £25.75
2. SPITFIRE - £25.76
3. TOPSHOP - £20
4. PRADA - £275
5. WILDFOX - £202
6. ASOS - £12
7. ASOS - £12
8. LE SPECS - £38.65
9. AS0S - £12
10. ASOS - £15
11. ZARA - £19.99
12. ASOS - £12



Givenchy is one of my favourite labels and their latest signature pieces such as the Rottweiler t's and the excessive digital prints are seriously awesome. When brought out some of the Givenchy inspired looks I had to have them. I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to buy me this dress and another similar tunic top off their website for Christmas and I have over worn them ridiculous amounts! I get bored of my new clothes very easily but with these pieces I still feel great every time I include them in an outfit. This dress is super cool because you can wear it pretty casually (like I have here) or dress it up with no bottoms and some cute heels. Enjoy. 

Sunglasses: PRIMARK, Printed Dress: MINUSEY.COM, Necklace: EBAY, Leather Leggings: TOPSHOP, Flatforms: H&M

Thursday, 23 May 2013



Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture is honestly one of the most amazing scents I have ever come across and I have tried A LOT of perfumes. I have made it my signature scent because I have had SOO many good compliments about how good I smelt, and lets be honest, everyone likes to smell fresh! It is so feminine with a vanilla sort of twist at the same time. Being a an EDP its stronger and last all day and night, ensuring you smell beaut 24/7. 

I'm sharing this on my blog because I think every girl who's big on perfume to go out and try it! Last year I found a 50ml bottle at a spanish airport for £50 which at the time was pretty cheap. I have just bought this 100ml off eBay, brand new and unused for £35. It proves how awesome that site really is. I'm obsessed with bargains!! If you would like me to find you a link, please comment and ask. Otherwise, make sure you check it out next time you see it!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013



So to be honest, this isn't actually one of my usual or favourite looks, and apologies for the poor photographs, I wasn't planning on sharing this look on my blog and ended up rushing 6 or 7 shots before I went out for the evening. These shoes have been in my wardrobe for years and I quickly shoved them on as they seemed like the only ones to go with this look! One thing I do love is my new off-white long cardi from Monki. There was a similar trench coat in Zara which I saw not long ago, however couldn't spare £85 to buy it, so when I saw this pretty similar piece on Carnaby Street I had to have it - especially at £25! Hopefully I will put a better look together soon using it! 

Chain Necklace: EBAY, Long Cardigan: MONKI, Blouse: H&M, Leggings: EBAY, Sandals: NEXT

Monday, 20 May 2013


She never fails to bring simplistic elegance to the red carpet, and at this year’s annual Cannes Film Festival, Emma Watson strikes center stage at the premiere of her new film The Bling Ring. Wearing a monochrome Chanel Couture gown, and quite literally 3 ‘bling ring’ cuffs in her ear, the star oozed glamour in the floor-sweeping silk dress. It seems as though The Bling Ring was a high point for film-star fashionistas, with Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto arriving in a dazzling grey Sanchita gown and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing worked the red carpet in a pale yellow Elie Saab ensemble. Besides her jaw-dropping Dior gown at The Great Gastby premiere, Carey Mulligan bedazzled throughout the festival as she endured to the red carpet in Vionnet and Balenciaga. 

P.S. If you haven't already seen The Great Gatsby - GO AND DO IT! It is an incredible film with amazing graphics and film-making. The costumes are superb and the eye candy is to die for (aka Leo). 

Ok so this is my second Glossbox I have received and I still cannot get over how cool it is for the price! £10 + postage a month and you are getting double, if not more of your monies worth in amazing products. This month I have received a 'Divine Oil', which actually smells 'divine', plus oils are all the rage at the moment, being the number 1 essential to healthy skin and hair. I also received a Bellapierre lipgloss in 'raspberry' which is a lovely shade and smells great, Fairy Lashes mascara which I am yet to try, a Beautiful Movements primer which is designed to mattify skin and prep for makeup, however can be mixed with pigments to create eyeliners and cream blushers - an excellent product. As well as Glossybox's own branded mini nail files, perfect for your handbag, I also received the most amazing face hydrating moisturiser from L'Occitane, called Angelica Hydration Cream, which I can hands up say is the best face cream I have ever used. I absolutely love it and will definitely be buying it in the near future. The scent is gorgeous, and the product is full of organic goodness which is a bonus, but most of all, it instantly refreshes the skin, plumping it up and bringing it alive. I have never experienced this with a regular moisturiser and I highly recommend this product. If you haven't signed up to Glossybox yet and you're a beauty junkie like me - go and do it! I promise you you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Ok so I haven't properly shared my new jacket by UNIF which I should have done ages ago because it is actually unreal. I love it soso much and I have had so many comments from people about it - it was even used at work by the stylist for Jessie J's album shoot! Yes it was quite pricey, but of course I searched far and wide for the cheapest possible place to get it from! UNIF sell amazing jackets and you can find this brand on places like The jacket is somewhat a rubber/plastic transparent material and it is extremely easy to get dirty so I literally clean it after every wear with a warm sponge (it isn't machine washable). It makes absolutely any outfit look cool and fashionable which is why it is an essential in my life. 

UNIF Vapor Jacket: $165 (excluding p+p and worth every penny) - 
Please comment if you would like the link.


Summer is on its way and I STILL haven't got a colourful wardrobe. My outfits still very much consist of monochrome palettes, and as bad as it is, I do love it. Sporty looks are still my fave trend at the mo so here is a simple look I have put together with faux leather shorts and a super cool jersey top I found. I've gotta say, my favourite piece from this look has GOT to be my new mesh bag from Monki. It isn't the most practical buy as there is only one handle, which I can imagine ripping off if I was to fill the bag with heavy items, but looks wise, this bag is on point. Loving the sci-fi look. 

Wayfarer Sunglasses: RAY-BAN, Silver ID Chain Necklace: EBAY, Striped Jersey: SHEINSIDE.COM, PU Sporty Shorts: SHEINSIDE.COM, Cut-out Boots: CHOIES.COM, Mesh Zip Bag: MONKI

Saturday, 18 May 2013


So I have a 21st birthday to attend next month, and with a dress code request of suits and long dresses, I am on the hunt for a jaw-dropping gown. I am not made of money, so for a dress I am probably going to wear once or twice I am not looking to splash out. With easy access to budget websites such as Miss Guided and Asos, there's no excuse to not purchase a gorgeous, affordable dress. Here are some of the beauties I have found so far. I have to say my favourite is the red wrap maxi, and I see this as a potential winner!

Black Cut-out Slit Dress: MISSGUIDED, White Mesh Detail Dress: MISSGUIDED, Red Wrap Dress: MANGO, Ombre Skirt Dress: MISSGUIDED, Blue Backless Dress: ASOS


If you haven't already - check out Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne's remix of Facemelt by Rankin for Hunger TV! Some awesome film-making and pure entertainment from the two bezzies.


So basically I have bagged myself a fashion internship at Rankin Photography/Hunger magazine and I have been super busy over the last two weeks. Fashion interning can be tough, as lets be honest, this industry involves 'starting at the bottom'. I have been dragging heavy suitcases around London returning designer clothes back to PR companies. Although it has been tough - I have learnt an awful lot about the industry already and what it is like to be a stylist. I have been on set too which has been super fun, assisting on Jessie J's album cover shoot, Vivienne Westwood's climate change campaign, Jo Wood's 'bare face' shoot for Children in Need and there's still more to come - I am assisting a shoot with Crystal Renn on Monday. I am so glad I have had the chance to do this and I am hoping it will open more doors to help me make it to the top. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013


So I recently ordered this silver ID tag chain necklace off ebay for £6!!! I received it yesterday I've gotta admit, the quality for £6 is pretty damned good. It's so shiny and sits beautifully around your neck. The number t-shirt was also a cheap buy from Primark last weekend - £6 again! I love this outfit. Please comment if you would like any links to buy.

Chain Necklace: EBAY, Number Tee: PRIMARK, Pleather Skirt: H&M, Doc Martins: SOLETRADER 


So here is my latest outfit post - apologies for the grainy images I have been having problems with my camera that should be fixed soon! So white is my new obsession as I think it looks so pure and crisp. I feel white and silver looks so classy which is why I have put this look together. Wrap skorts are all the rage at the moment too and these are an identical version to the Zara ones except half the price! And of course this look includes my brand spanking new UNIF Vapor Biker Jacket which I think is totally awesome. It's such a unique piece that goes with almost anything and looks super fashionable. It was pricey but totally worth it. Please comment if you would like any links to the items, I will happily guide you to my founded bargains! 

Sunglasses: PRIMARK, Necklace: H&M, Striped Crop Top: PRIMARK, UNIF Jacket: NASTYGAL.COM, Wrap Skorts: EBAY, Ring: SHEINSIDE.COM

Monday, 6 May 2013


So being the makeup junkie that I am it has got to the point in my life where the obsessive makeup purchases have caused my very large makeup bag to eventually overflow. This was not an unfortunate situation because HELLO! CHECK OUT MY NEW MAKEUP STORAGE!! I had to share this on my blog because every beauty/makeup lover NEEDS to invest in one of these bad boy acrylic drawers. It makes your products look fab, whilst keeping them all in one place and beautifully organised. This one I found on eBay and there was many other designs and storage options available.