Saturday, 25 May 2013



I have always had an obsession with sunglasses. I seem to have an endless supply of every style you could ever imagine and I wear them whenever I get the chance. I love them because you can wear the most plain, simple outfit, yet wack on a pair of super cool sunnies and all of a sudden you're an awesome fashionista. They have the power to effortlessly jazz up any outfit and they are so versatile. With summer coming up, it's time to extend my collection and find as many opportunities as I can to wear my fave pairs. I even think I need to purchase some kind of stand to keep them all together an organised! That is definitely on my wish list. Here are some of my favourite pairs at the moment:

1. QUAY - £25.75
2. SPITFIRE - £25.76
3. TOPSHOP - £20
4. PRADA - £275
5. WILDFOX - £202
6. ASOS - £12
7. ASOS - £12
8. LE SPECS - £38.65
9. AS0S - £12
10. ASOS - £15
11. ZARA - £19.99
12. ASOS - £12

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  1. Love ALL these pairs! Especially number 8 :)

    Please feel free to enter my latest giveaway (here) - you could win yourself an Hermes/Homies sweater!x

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