Saturday, 25 May 2013



Givenchy is one of my favourite labels and their latest signature pieces such as the Rottweiler t's and the excessive digital prints are seriously awesome. When brought out some of the Givenchy inspired looks I had to have them. I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to buy me this dress and another similar tunic top off their website for Christmas and I have over worn them ridiculous amounts! I get bored of my new clothes very easily but with these pieces I still feel great every time I include them in an outfit. This dress is super cool because you can wear it pretty casually (like I have here) or dress it up with no bottoms and some cute heels. Enjoy. 

Sunglasses: PRIMARK, Printed Dress: MINUSEY.COM, Necklace: EBAY, Leather Leggings: TOPSHOP, Flatforms: H&M

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