Sunday, 21 July 2013


One of my favourite times of the month, is of course, receiving my monthly box of goodies from Glossybox. My 4th box in and I'm still amazed. What I love about this company is that they carefully select each product they send, baring in mind what they included in the previous issue. That way the products I receive are always different and I get to try out even more unique brands. Now that summer has officially arrived, Glossybox have put together some awesome products designed especially for the hot weather. 

This month I received:

1. Bamboo Style Boho Waves Texturising Hair Mist by Alterna Haircare - Beachy waves are a great look to sport in the summer. Using a spray like this is an effortless way to look like you've just strolled off the beach. Very fashionable and so easy to achieve with this non sticky hair mist. I like to use on damp hair and then blow dry and scrunch into place. This is definitely one of the best texturising sprays I have tried, and it's lightweight too! Love it!

2. Essie Sleek Nail Foils - I haven't yet tried these out but I have always wanted to, I just never brought myself to buy them! I think they are a funky look but I shall save them for a special event. I shall be sure to make a post too so stay tuned. 

3. Pout Paint by Sleek - When I first saw these in my box I was slightly apprehensive. I don't really like the idea of having stained blue lips! However after reading the description on my Glossybox sheet, I learnt that these awesome pigments are designed to be mixed to one another to create gorgeous colours! They really stain your lips and give you that extra pout power. They work beautifully on newly exfoliated lips and they come in other shades too!

4. Coola Organic Mineral SPF 20 - I haven't tried this out yet which sucks because it would have been perfect for my holiday! I guess it's just like every other sun cream out there, just great that it's all organic ingredients and I'm sure it works for sensitive skins like mine.

5. Anatomicals Facial Spritz - I've been looking for a hydrating face mist for a while now so when I saw this in my Glossybox I was really pleased. I prefer to use this in the morning instead of a toner as I have sensitive skin and I don't like the idea of striping my skin morning and night with a toner and cotton wool. The smell with this isn't amazing, but it smells of roses and lavender - quite an older persons scent in my opinion.  However it is very hydrating, cool and can even be used to set makeup which is a bonus! I have used this every day since I received it and I'm loving it so far!

So there is the month of July's issue of Glossybox - the summer addition. Feel free to comment - I love reading them all! 

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  1. That's such cute packaging! Have you tried the Bamboo Style Boho Waves? I always wanted to try a product like that so I could have beachy waves!

    the { cassiepaige }

  2. Hey, Ive got the same! In mine there was an OPI polish nail and some cream for summer! :)

    The Queen

  3. here in Mexico, we have a similar "glossybox", right now i don't remember the name lol
    thanks for visit my blog! i follow you honey :) kisses from Mexico!

  4. I've never had a glossy box (because I've never subscribed) however posts like these make them so tempting! How often to do you find in the boxes something you love and repurchase?

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

    1. So far - every box I've received i've fallen in love with something and wanted to repurchase! in this box its the facial spritz for me. I now use it every morning and once it's run out I will definitely be buying another :) xx


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