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Being a fake tan addict, I've been wanting to do a post on the good stuff for a while. I've decided to do this post because I want to share with my readers my views on these two products that I have recently tried out and tested. If your tan you've tried isn't working out for you or you fancy trying something new, please keep reading!

So first of all I am very fussy and wary when it comes to the products I put on my skin. If the list of ingredients is filled with unfamiliar and harmful chemicals and parabens, I simply won't buy. This isn't because I have overly sensitive skin, because I don't. It's simply because I don't believe in allowing my skin to absorb these products when there are much healthier and safer options out there. I am naturally extremely pale skinned and I feel so much more confident when it comes to a tan. Finding a good self tanner with natural ingredients was hard for me until Vita Liberata was put on our shelves (some of the tans I have previously used include St Tropez, OMG!, L'oreal, St Moritz and Novatan). 

If you don't know already, Vita Liberata is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients, with the first ingredient on it's list being aloe vera, which we all know soothes and moisturises the skin. This has to be one of the main reasons I love it because it is so gentle. This particular product is around £21 to buy in a number of stores across the UK. The tan fades beautifully unlike other self tanners I have tried, as the majority tend to go flakey and the overall wear off just looks hideous. Although it takes a few applications of Vita Liberata to get a deep golden tan, I think the quality of this product is so worth it. I have yet to try the mousse version of this as the tan I use is in gel form. It is unfortunately quite hard to rub in to the skin and you need to be somewhat a pro in this area, but once you get the hang of it, all the effort is worth the while. The tan doesn't last very long on the skin which is why I'm excited to try their new 'Phenomenal' range which is supposed to last 2-3 weeks. This is on my 'to buy' list and I'll be sure to do a write up once I've tried and tested it out.

I'd previously seen the Million Dollar Tan 'Tan Icon' on a number of beauty blogs and also heard most of the American beauty guru's rage about it. I had to try it out, but being unavailable in the UK, it was a case of getting it shipped over from the US. This cost me around £15 including the shipping costs. This is also an all natural and organic product which, can I just say, smells AMAZING. If you like the smell of Malibu then this will be ideal for you. The downside to the lovely coconut aroma is that the product is very alcohol based which does dry out the skin. So with this tanner, alternative moisturising with a rich cream is a must once it is washed off. I also wouldn't recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin, unless they can tolerate high-in-alcohol products.  This glides on the skin beautifully and is very easy to rub in once the solution is sprayed onto a mitt. The wear off is amazing and even better than the Vita Liberata as it fades so subtly. The colour needs building as it isn't very dark in colour, however I feel it is worth it for this fab self tanner. 

All in all, I love both of these tans. They are for sure the best I have tried and are the most natural when it comes to the shade, the wear and even the ingredients. If I was going to pick between the two, I would choose the Million Dollar Tan due to the scent and also the way the product rubs in. If I was to go for convenience, Vita Liberata would be a perfect option, being an easy product to get hold of in the UK.

I hope this helped any fake tan lovers out there. If you haven't yet tried either of these products, I thoroughly recommend you do! I will be doing a post very soon on my application tips for these tans so please stay tuned! Thank you for reading. 

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  1. I've always wanted to try Million Dollar Tan! Thanks for the review. I really knew nothing about it before reading this.

  2. so helpful looking for a good product to tan with! Love seeing you on bloglovin!


  3. This is very helpful. I was just looking for something like this. I am very careful if it comes to fake tan so I needed someone to help me figure out some good products I won't be disappointed with. Thank you :)


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