Sunday, 16 March 2014

Asos cat eye sunnies.

I thought I would share with you in closer detail my amazing new cat eye sunglasses from Asos. I have fallen for them and I'm hoping I can spread the love for them far and wide!

I've been searching for the perfect pair since last Summer, however I struggled to find any that weren't too OTT, that suited my face shape and were still awesome and stylish! After trying on a number of pairs and having no luck, I ordered these beauties and they did all of those things. At £12 they're a God send and I can't seem to take them off! 

Asos have a range of amazing sunglasses this season at such good costs! Go check them out NOW!


  1. those sunnies are perfect! Cat eye are my favourite style and yours are just amazing!

  2. Love the shades and the lipstick !

  3. Heyyyy girl!

    Thank you for checking out my blog, LOVE yours too!


  4. Beautiful sunnies, certainly coming my way when i get paid! xx

    Dana xx


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