Wednesday, 21 August 2013


When I put together my last outfit post, I took step by step pictures of how I get ready using my heated rollers. I've had many comments on my hair from the images I've put up so I wanted to do a post on how I do my hair using my amazing heated rollers. For so many people, getting voluptuous hair can be a difficulty and I'm excited to show you how this hairstyle is so easily achievable! This is my favourite hairstyle for a night or evening out and it's so quick to do. Keep reading if you want to learn how!

1. Firstly I'll introduce you to the rollers I personally use. There are many brands that make heated rollers out there these days, but Babyliss being one of the top makes, you can't really go wrong. I got mine off eBay for something ridiculous like £13 brand new but they retail for roughly £35. They come with the clips to hold the rollers in place and it takes roughly 5 minutes for the rollers to heat up. There are assorted sized barrels in the set so that you can achieve different kinds of curls. I have so much hair that I have to use all of the barrels, so I use the thicker ones for the shorter layers of my hair, and the thinner barrels underneath. The model I use is 3035bu and you can buy the set really cheap (new with defects) here or brand new here. These are the cheapest links I could find. 
2. So you should see that I honestly start off with such boring, flat and lifeless hair! 
3. Another good pointer is to make sure your hair is completely dry when you use your heated rollers. Curling freshly blow dried hair is pointless because there will still be a lot of moisture in your hair that the curls just drop out. I like to wash my hair either the day before I curl my hair, or if I'm using the rollers in the evening, I will wash and dry my hair that morning. Go easy on the conditioner too as overly soft hair does not hold a curl. I like to use a good hair mousse before blow drying as this adds extra volume and texture - any will do the trick. 
Before I use the rollers I will give my hair an all over a spray with L'Oreal Elnett Satin spray. I use this flexible one as I think it smells sooo much nicer than the original. It's an amazing hair spray and worth the extra money. No stickiness or crunchy bits and it does exactly what it says on the tin. This will give the curls extra staying power. 
4. So I begin using the rollers at the top of my hair and work my way down. There is a knack to doing this but you just have to do it a few times to pick it up - practice makes perfect. Also as you can see I do it really roughly, It doesn't need to be amazing! Get the clips in as soon as possible so you don't lose heat. I try to curl away from my face. Nice face here Nat...
5. While the rollers are in I'll do my makeup for the evening/occasion...
6. Once the rollers are COMPLETELY cooled, usually after 30 minutes to an hour, I'll give them an all over spray with hairspray and then it's time to take them out! I then give them ANOTHER spray - yes I know this is a lot of hairspray, but that's why it's important to use a light and flexible product like the Elnett satin. I run my fingers through the curls and style as desired. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you did and how you get on with your heated rollers if you decide to give it a go! 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. You have beautiful eyes <3 really love these heated rollers I have the exact same ones :D I find them much better than curling tongs personally as you get maximum volume :) really loving your blog now following you xx

  2. Love your pictures ! And you look so great ! That lipstick is OMG !

  3. Great blouse
    & your hair <333



  4. I've just bought some of these on your recommendation and can't wait to try them out!Your hair looks incredible!


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