Monday, 10 June 2013


We are so lucky to have the power to reach out to a number of different audiences through todays advanced social media, and Instagram is definitely one of my favourites. For me, it is a great way to source awesome imagery and inspiration - not forgetting stalking my favourite celebs and fashionistas! Over the past year I have become super addicted to uploading an image based diary of my day-to-day life through the touch of my iPhone, aspiring to inspire others and to gather some pretty memories. Since my account has become more fashion based, and slightly more appealing, I have decided to post a brief summery of my fave Instagram uploads throughout the last month - enjoy!

If you like what you see - check out my profile! / @natjedwards 

Aslo I love browsing through good imagery so please leave your usernames as I would love to check them out!

Love, Natalie x


  1. Hey there!!
    I've stumbled across your blog and I read you are studying Fashion promotion at uni in London? Just wondering where a bouts? and how is it going?

    Letizia xxx

  2. I love your instagram photos!

  3. You pictures are amazing! And I totally love your blog I think you are doing a great job =)

  4. Love your style! Just discovered your blog and its awesome!! Are you interested of following each other?? Leave us a comment to let us know\!! thanxx

  5. I looove instagram. It is now my primary celeb stalking tool ahaha! I love your photos, looks like you had an awesome month! That Chanel phone case is AMAZING!

    Xenia x

  6. follow back!! thank you! :)
    also i follow you on instagram as Carlaiv

  7. Hi I love your blog and i'm wondering if you want to follow each other?

  8. I'm a huge insty fan! I'm CONSTANTLY on it! I love it! Will check out your feed now:)
    Latest outfit post: BLUE DAY

  9. What a great idea I really need to get into instagram more!
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  10. Really pretty photos! Your bone structure is insanely lovely! xo

  11. Very nice insta pics. Have a great day.


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